Neck Pain
Neck pain is a neurological disease commonly seen in middle-aged and elderly people, with early symptoms such as pain, fatigue, numbness in the neck, and shoulders. fatigue, difficulty in sleep, mental and health decline. Cause is lying in the wrong posture, sitting in front of the cold air conditioning, spinal pathology, trauma ... Treatment with western medicine uses painkillers, anti-inflammatory, relaxant ... to help relieve pain quickly. It does not produce long-lasting results, which can cause side effects. Therefore, preserving with traditional medicine is the most effective method, avoiding many side effects, safe and effective. Oriental medicine is a natural herbal medicine should be safe with the user. In addition to the use of herbal medicine, we also combine treatment with acupuncture, implants, acupressure massage, rescue fire, hot wrapping, spinal effect, ... these are methods that will bring effective effect High quality, not only that help you feel comfortable and relax
ARTHRITIS Arthritis is one of the most common diseases, caused by aging and cartilage injury. Joint arthritis is very dangerous because in addition to causing many pain and nuisances in daily life.If not treated in time, the disease can leave many complications extremely dangerous for patients. . The current Western medicine treatment for arthritis is the use of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, corticosteroid, ... However, these drugs can only reduce the pain, reduce inflammation temporarily, recurrent disease when stop drug. In addition, this group of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs can cause serious side effects to the health of patients such as peptic ulcer disease, stroke, toxic to the liver, kidney and hematopoietic organs, Therefore, we use traditional medicine methods such as herbal medicine, acupuncture massage, implants, ... and have been very effective in treating arthritis without causing. side effects.
Degeneration of the spine
Degenerative spondylosis is a progressive, gradual progressive disease that causes pain, movement limitation, spinal deformities (gouty, crooked) without any inflammation causing many difficulties in living and working. Long-term treatment can lead to serious complications that can lead to disability. High age, work habits, wrong posture, and long periods of inactivity. Using western medicine will cause many side effects so we have used traditional medicine for treatment. By natural herbs combined with acupuncture, implants, massage acupressure, column effects live ... will relieve the pain quickly and improve the quality of your life.
Developmental Delay
Developmental Delay Parents are understandably concerned if their child fails to develop their motor skills as quickly
Erectile dysfunction
Is the inability to achieve and maintain an effective erectile perform a sexual intercourse satisfaction, impact on health, mood, quality of life for themselves and their partners. Related to many factors such as mental stress, depression, work pressure, prolonged stress, alcohol, tobacco, or is likely rooted pathologies: cardiovascular, hypertension chronic , diabetes mellitus, kidney failure ... or injury to the body. To help improve and better treatment of erectile dysfunction, with tonic herbs invigorating combination with other methods of traditional medicine, such as acupuncture, transplant only, massage, reflexology massage ... we will regain your bravery with high efficiency and safety has been clinically tested.
Back Pain
BACK PAIN Back pain is quite common with frequent or dull aching tendons in the back area due to muscle contraction in the back muscles. This disease is not life-threatening, but once it is infected, it is difficult for people to be active, active and working, and some severe back pain will lead to atrophy. legs, even lifelong disabilities. There are many causes such as long sitting, heavy activity, spine disc disease, trauma, ... To avoid side effects when treating with drugs, we use the traditional medicine treatment medicine Natural herbs are safe, high quality and effective treatment combined with non-medicinal treatments such as acupuncture, implantation, acupressure massage, fire rescuer, hot compress, spinal effect , release weight ... will bring you the feeling of relaxing comfort, rapid pain relief.
Disc Herniation
Disc herniation is a common osteoarthritis of the disease that makes the patient very uncomfortable, painful. There is also a sense of creeping, numbness, the needle corresponding to the pain area. Gradually, pain becomes frequent, lasting months if not treated. Currently there are many methods to cure this disease such as: Western medicine, surgery, preservation treatment ... but not always bring the maximum effect as well as safety for patients. So far, the treatment of traditional herniated disc herniation is the most widely used method because of its rapid recovery, which is less likely to cause serious complications during treatment. With natural herbs combined with acupuncture, implants, massage acupressure, spinal manipulation, fire rescued rescue, wormwood ... we will help you no pain, discomfort with this disease In addition, you feel comfortable and relaxed when treated with traditional medicine.
Neuro-Rehab The Neuro-Rehab Unit of the Traditional Medicine Hospital was established by Virginia Lockett, an American physical
Menstrual disorders
Irregular menstrual periods, frequency and blood loss during menstruation, along with other accompanying symptoms such as menstrual abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding in the uterus. If not treated promptly will lead to some dangerous diseases, especially infertility. With natural herbal remedies combined with traditional medicine treatments we will bring advantages in the treatment of menstrual disorders, not only help to add hormones, beautify the skin, improve the physiology of women.